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One of the most popular actress of assam is Swagata Baruah. In the year 2011 she has first acted in Mobile Theatre for the group Bhagyadevi Theatre. And in that year in one of the drama “MALBIKA MOR BANDHABI” she has acted very well and has a lot of love and support from the audience. After that for the groups Bhagyadevi, Rajashree, Bordoisila, itihash etc she has acted for 1 year in each groups. She has also acted in many flims,serials,music video and has shine in the mind of assamese people.In this year she will act in the stage of Bhagyadevi Theatre. In this year Bhagyadevi Theatre have 3 different dramas namely Abhijit bhattacharjya’s “AJIR SANAKYA” , Dhrubojyoti Sharma’s “MAHAJUDHARAKHORA AKHORA” and Satish Das’s “RAMDHENUR RANG”.In all of the 3 dramas Swagara Baruah will act in different roles. she will act as a girl of tea garden named Sewali in the drama Mahajudhar Akhora. Also she has got a huge love and support from the audience in the reharsal. I wish good luck to Swagata Baruah and all the artist of Bhagyodevi Theatre

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